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Customer comes "FIRST" & "Patient" service is to the "GOD" is the way of thinking of Dr. Murlidhar Wani, Founder Director of Intellect Wellness Chemist Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Wani wanted to do something revolutionary in healthcare & wellness for the benefit & convenience for society of large, because in current scenario also in our country the availability of Medicine & Healthcare essential round the clock is very rare commodity & in case of Emergency it becomes scarily difficult for a common man. To address this core issue of availability of Healthcare essential & lifesaving medicines 24 Hours, Seven days a Week 365 days to everyone Dr. Murlidhar Wani has initiated this nobel venture "Intellect Wellness Chemist" under the support of "Intellect Dnyan & Aadhar Foundation" Your "TRUST" is Our "EARNINGS" Your "SATISFACTION" is Our "REWARD" Your "SUPPORT" is Our "MOTIVATION" That's what we believe at "INTELLECT WELLNESS CHEMIST PVT LTD”
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