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Nadoxin C Cream is a hormone cream and a corticosteroid. It is used for curing skin inflammation diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. On using Nadoxin C Cream you may experience side effects such as hypersensitivity, patches, increased hair growth, irritation, itching, weight gain, high blood pressure and burning sensations. Should your reactions persist or become severe over time contact your health care provider immediately. Before using this medication have a discussion with your doctor and notify him/her if: you are allergic to any ingredient contained within Nadoxin C Cream, you have any allergies to any foods, medicines or substances, you have any fungal infection/cold sores/ chicken pox, you have acne, you are already taking any prescription or non-prescription drugs, you are pregnant or are breastfeeding. This medication is available in cream and ointment form. Ideally the dosage should be prescribed by your doctor. However, the usual dose in both adults and children is about 30-60 grams which needs to be applied twice a day on the concerned area in a very thin layer. The duration of the treatment needs to be fixed by your physician.
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